Arts Advocacy toolkit

ProArt Alliance of Greater Victoria Arts Advocacy Toolkit

The arts need your support!

Write your MLA to express your support

In recent years government budget cuts have put arts groups through a roller coast ride of up and down funding.  Some arts organizations and galleries had to close, or lay off staff. ProArt advocates for increased government investment in the arts.

Consider the benefits of art and culture to society:

– Arts and culture enrich our quality of life.

– Culture is an essential element in all of our communities, making them better places to live.

– The arts benefit our health, contribute to human understanding, social progress and cognitive development.

– Those who attend and participate in arts & cultural events are more likely to be physically active and engaged in their communities. A Statistics Canada study found that 51% of performing arts attendees participated in at least one sporting activity, compared to 32% of non-attendees.

– The arts provide social benefits on many levels, educational benefits for school children and health benefits for senior citizens.

– Finally the arts play an important role in inspiring us, defining who we are as a society, connecting us to our own and others’ cultural heritage, and offering us transformative experiences that add meaning to our lives.

The arts are key to making British Columbia a great place to live, visit and work.

Culture creates jobs

The arts and culture sector is responsible for creating jobs, and the spin-off economic benefits result in tax revenue coming back to the government. Vibrant cultural scenes make our cities attract the creative industries that will be central to tomorrow’s economy.

Arts and culture are essential investments

For all of the reasons above, the arts are one of the best investments that can be made by the Province of British Columbia. Increasing the provincial investment in the arts will produce significant economic and social returns.

What can you do?

Get involved and help make change happen!

– Send a letter to your MLA or other candidates to voice your concerns about insufficient support for the arts.

Click our link to find your MLA’s email or mail address.

In your letter you may consider asking that the government to:

– increase the BC Arts Council’s funding,

– restore Gaming Grant funding.

– create capital funding for arts presentations venues


“An adult lifetime spent on the boards of community groups, coupled with compelling Community Gaming Grant Review input, convinces me that not-for-profit groups fill gaps in the services provided directly by the provincial government effectively and provide significantly more value than cost. Their value is high because of the passion, expertise and experience they bring to bear in their areas of interest. Their costs are low because of the volunteers they attract and because their paid staff members work for modest wages and benefits, especially in comparison with for-profit and government enterprises….Community groups inspire individuals, develop leadership, perseverance, creativity and talent, and give youth the role models they need to grow.  They provide alternatives to gang-life, substance abuse, vandalism, street riots and other social ills.”  

Skip Triplett, Community Gaming Grant Review Report


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