ProArt launches the 2022 ProArt Municipal Election Candidate Survey

The yard signs are out in full capacity and it is once again time to research candidates running for Mayor and Council and choose who you want to represent your interests on municipal councils across the Capital Region.

ProArt is interested to hear from all of the candidates running in the municipalities and electoral districts that make up the CRD. We have sent our 2022 ProArt Municipal Election Candidate Survey to all of the listed candidates and will be posting their replies on the ProArt 2022 candidate survey response page as they are submitted.

Please encourage candidates whom you know to submit a response to demonstrate their intended support of the arts in their municipality.

Check the response site often to read the answers from the candidates running in your municipality and learn of the programs that they support or will initiate for the arts in your community.

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2022 ProArt Municipal Election Candidate Survey

As a member of council, which current programs will you support, and/or what new initiatives will you propose that will work directly with the arts community to promote health and wellness for the citizens in your municipality? Is there anything else you would like to share regarding your relationship to the arts in the region?

View responses on the ProArt 2022 candidate survey response page

FMI: Contact Doug Jarvis, Administrator, ProArt Alliance,

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