Extended – August 26 Deadline for Nominations – Greater Victoria Regional Arts Awards 2020

The call for nominations for the Greater Victoria Regional Arts Awards 2020 has been extended until Wednesday, August 26, 11pm. (Note: Deadline extended from August 24 to August 26)

This year, the awards have expanded to include an additional nine awards and many cash prizes to honour the work of artists across the region. Nominations for the PARC Retirement Living Mid-Career Artist Award, the CRD Arts Commission Regional Impact Award, the City of Victoria Creative Builder Award, and the JAYMAC Outstanding Production Award are due August 26 at 11pm. Read more about the awards and how to nominate at https://proartalliance.wordpress.com/2020-greater-victoria-regional-arts-awards/

Please contact Doug Jarvis, ProArt Administrator, info@proartalliance.ca for more information.

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