ProArt announces Matthew Payne, Lindsay Delaronde and Colton Hash, winners of the 2019 Regional Arts Awards

Victoria, Canada (May 9, 2019)—The Professional Arts Alliance of Greater Victoria (ProArt) announces the winners of the 2019 ProArt Regional Arts Awards.

At the awards reception on May 9, 2019, held at the Pacific Opera Victoria – Baumann Centre, members of the Greater Victoria arts community gathered to acknowledge and honour artists working in the region. In the second-year of the annual awards program there were three awards presented:

• A representative of PARC Retirement Living presented the PARC Retirement Living Mid-Career Artist Award to artist Matthew Payne.

Nominated by the Theatre SKAM Board of Directors Payne was the jury’s strong choice demonstrating a comprehensive practice that represents excellence in the Mid-Career category. The jury was unanimous in its support of Payne’s commitment to his performing arts practice and the significant contribution that he makes to local theatre and the regional arts community. Payne’s nomination letter states:

“Matthew dedicates his professional career to dreaming up inspirational and innovative projects that tour the world, to the development of new work (primarily by Victoria writers) and to building community.”

• ProArt invited Carey Newman, the winner of the 2018 PARC Retirement Living Mid-Career Artist Award to nominate an artist for the inaugural ProArt Early-Career Artist Award to recognize an artist who is showing dedication and promise in the early stages of their career. Newman presented the award to Lindsay Delaronde, commenting:

I selected Lindsay for this award to recognize the incredible work she has done as Victoria’s Indigenous Artist in Residence. Her way of raising awareness around critical social issues and engaging community through her art and curation is something to celebrate. The power of her performances and work are a reflection of her strength and resilience and a testament to her potential.

• To recognize the significant impact that artists can have on issues relevant to the Capital Region artist Carey Newman has initiated the Witness Legacy Award for Social Purpose and Responsibility Through Art. Newman presented this inaugural award to artist Colton Hash stating that:

“Colton Hash is doing ground-breaking work combining digital and physical artforms to create installations that bring the forward the reality of data in a visceral manner. His efforts to draw focus to environmental and climate issues through his practice are not only worthy of recognition, they are an excellent example of what it means to use art for social purpose and responsibility.”

ProArt thanks Matthew Payne, Lindsay Delaronde, and Colton Hash for the excellent work that each of them contributes to the regional arts community. Thank you to PARC Retirement Living and the Witness Legacy for sponsoring this year’s awards. And thank you to all of the nominated artists and the community members who put their names forward and provided support letters. We are honoured to in live a dynamic arts and culture community and all benefit from your contributions in many ways.

Media Contact:
Doug Jarvis, ProArt administrator

About ProArt
The Professional Arts Alliance of Greater Victoria was formed to advance the important role the arts play in the life of our community, and to advocate for public sector support. ProArt believes that, by working in partnership with our legislators and government agencies, we can sustain and build our region’s vibrant cultural sector for the benefit of all of our residents and visitors.



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