ProArt launches 2018 Municipal Election Candidate Survey

It is election time again in the Capital Region. ProArt is anxious to hear from all of the candidates running for Mayor and Council in the municipalities that make up the CRD. We have sent the following questions to all of the candidates and will be posting their replies on the ProArt website survey page as they are submitted.

Check the site often to read the answers from the candidates running in your municipality and learn of their perspective on the value of supporting the arts in your community and the region.

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2018 ProArt Municipal Election Candidate Survey

  1. What benefits do the arts bring to our communities?
  2. What role do you believe municipal governments should have in supporting the arts?
  3. Given that your municipality is either ‘committed to’ or ‘currently not’ investing in the CRD Arts Development Service, do you support your municipality’s decision to contribute to the service? Why?
  4. Is there anything else regarding the arts that you would like to communicate to voters?

View the responses

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