2018 ProArt Victoria Mayoral Candidate Forum on the Arts

The ProArt Alliance of Greater Victoria hosted a Victoria Mayoral Candidate Forum on the Arts on Friday, October 12, 2018, 3pm, at the Pacific Opera Victoria Baumann Centre.

Arts and culture are an important part of the health and welfare of a city, and Victoria, BC is home to many of the arts organizations that operate in the Capital Region.

ProArt wanted to know how the candidates running for the Mayor of Victoria in the upcoming October 20th municipal election will support further investment in the arts and address the needs of this growing community.

Here are the four questions that ProArt asked the candidates to prepare in advance:

  1. As mayor, how will you work with developers to create new, and support existing, arts spaces in the city?
  2. How can the city of Victoria support reconciliation through arts initiatives?
  3. Do you support the idea of a downtown arts hub, such as the proposed Bastion Square space? Why or why not?
  4. What other ideas do you have to celebrate, advocate for, and fund arts and culture in Victoria?

You can hear their responses to these questions and those asked by the audience here: