ProArt launches 2015 Federal Election – Regional Candidate Survey

2015 Federal Election – Regional Candidate Survey

RESULTS to survey posted here: 2015 Federal Election – Regional Candidate Survey 

ProArt sent the following email to all candidates running in the Federal Election in all ridings on Vancouver Island.Results will be posted here as they come in. Check back to see how candidates are going to support Arts and Culture on Vancouver Island.

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Dear Candidate,

The Professional Arts Alliance of Greater Victoria (ProArt) is an advocacy group that represents 20 Professional Arts organizations operating in the Capital Regional District. ProArt was formed to advance the important role the arts play in the life of our community, and to advocate for public sector support. ProArt believes that, by working in partnership with our legislators and government agencies, we can sustain and build our region’s vibrant cultural sector for the benefit of all of our residents and visitors.In light of the upcoming federal election, we would like to learn your perspective and hear how you and your Party plan to invest in, and support arts and culture over the next four years. Our constituents want to know what you think so that they can make informed decisions at the polls on October 19th.

The Liberal Party recently launched their platform on Investing in Canadian culture and middle class jobs, proposing to double their investment in the Canada Council for the Arts to $360 million per year from $180 million. (Visit:
We want to to know how your Party plans to commit to Arts and Culture in Canada.

Let us know how you plan to invest and support, or reinforce what your Party has already pledged to do.Please answer the following questions and return to this email

We will post your responses on our website and will pass this information along to our member organizations and their respective networks to help inform our constituents decisions at the polls.
ProArt 2015 Federal Election – Regional Candidate SurveyCandidate Name:

Federal Riding: Political Party:


1.  What is your previous experience with Arts and Culture?

2.  Will you support increased support and investment in Arts and Culture? And if so, how?

3.  What does your campaign propose for the future of Arts and Culture?

Please participate in this survey by replying to this email with your answers provided in the body of the email or by returning the attached Word document electronic survey to are no restrictions on the length or depth of your answer. Responses will be posted to the ProArt website ( and distributed to our membership to help them make informed decisions when voting on October 19.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our survey.
All the best,
Doug Jarvis


ProArt Alliance of Greater Victoria
1609 Blanshard St., Unit B
Victoria, BC  V8W 2J5

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