#ARTSVOTE Election Toolkit

Announcing: the #ARTSVOTE 2015 Federal Election Toolkit

Are you ready for the 2015 Federal Election? We’ve got you covered.

This week, the Canadian Arts Coalition has launched our #ARTSVOTE Election Toolkit, a free resource that is full of tips and information to help you keep the arts on the Federal agenda this October.

The first step is to REGISTER to vote! Make sure that you are ready to hit the polls on October 19. Visit the Elections Canada website for voter registration, and ‘how-to’ information – especially in light of the new changes and voter requirements of the Canada Elections Act passed in 2014.

Once you’ve registered, encourage others to do so as well! Sharing through your networks and social media channels will help spread the word. Take a look at our Social Media Primer, also included in the #ARTSVOTE Election Toolkit. Use the hashtag #artsvote and #canpoli.

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