ProArt launches 2014 Municipal Election Candidate Survey

On November 15, 2014 citizens from the Capital Regional District will be voting for Mayor, Councillors and Trustees in 13 Municipalities. Recent studies show that the Arts are a major contribution to the vitality of this Region.

ProArt has distributed a survey to Candidates asking them to share their perspectives on the following statement and questions. Results will be posted on our Arts Vote 2014 Candidate Survey page.

ProArt Candidate Survey 2014:

The Professional Arts Alliance of Greater Victoria is an advocacy group that represents 20 Professional Arts organizations operating in the Capital Regional District.

“… total economic activity generated by the Greater Victoria arts and culture sector in 2012 was $177 million in net income (GDP) activity, supporting the equivalent of more than 4,347 person years of employment, and almost $17 million in property tax revenue (Table 1).” *

* Please see the attached copy of the 2012 Greater Victoria Arts And Culture Sector Economic Activity Study, conducted by Dr. Brock Smith of the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria at the request of the Victoria Foundation, the CRD Arts Development Service, and supported by ProArt and other stakeholders.

We are providing this document at this time to support further understanding of how the Arts continue to make significant contributions to health and welfare of the constituents of all of the Municipalities that make of the CRD.

To help us better understand how you can contribute to the future development of the Arts in this region, please answer the following questions, and return to this email address. We will be posting your responses on our website and passing along the information to our member organizations and their networks.

ProArt 2014 Candidate Survey
Candidate name:
Candidate for:      Mayor      or      CouncillorQuestions:
1.  What is your previous experience with the Arts?
2.  Will you support increased investment in the Arts? And if so, how?
3.  What does your campaign propose for the future of the Arts in the CRD?

Responses to the ProArt Candidate survey can be viewed here:

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