ProArt Newsletter – July 31


ProArt received a number of applications for the Administrator position, and after reviewing and interviewing a number of them, the hiring committee has selected Doug Jarvis. Doug comes with a great deal of experience, and we welcome him to ProArt. Here is his bio:

Doug Jarvis is an artist and curator living in Victoria, BC. Jarvis holds an MFA in studio art from the University of Guelph, ON. He is currently Guest Curator/Program Coordinator at Open Space Arts Society (Victoria, BC), the current President of the Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres (PAARC), and of the VAPPS – the Victoria Promotion and Preservation Society, and is a member of the Board of the Ministry of Casual Living, and the Program Advisory Committee for the Visual Arts at Camosun College.

He is a founding member of the avatar performance art group Second Front ( and the Noxious Sector Art Collective ( Projects have been presented at artist-run centres, galleries, museums and festivals across Canada, in the United States, Europe and Asia. In 2010-11 Jarvis was the Artist-in-residence Fellow at the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, University of Victoria. Jarvis also works with the Digital Art Weeks International Festival, based out of Zurich, Switzerland, as Canadian Coordinator with past projects in Xi’an, China, Victoria, BC, Singapore and upcoming in Seoul, Korea. A portfolio of a selection of his projects can be viewed online at


As you may know Esquilmalt City Council has met and discussed withdrawing their financial support for CRD Arts funding programs. They have now recorded this intent in a public meeting on July 7, 2014 and directed their staff to seek further information on proceeding. Withdrawal of Esquimalt would remove as much as $100,000 dollars from operating grants and could trigger other municipalities such as Saanich ($1 million) or Victoria ($900,000+) to consider doing the same.

ProArt believes that Esquimalt Council should be convinced to change this direction, and we feel that they will do so if Esquimalt residents and taxpayers voice their concerns directly. Action is needed now. We urge you to identify supportive Esquimalt residents within your membership, on your Board, or among your patrons, and urge them in turn to contact their Esquimalt council members with something like the following message:

“I understand that Esquimalt city council is considering withdrawing regional support of the arts through the CRD. This is an unacceptable action for you to take.”

This message could be strengthened if a specific example and interest can be cited e.g. “I regularly attend CRD arts funded programming, such as the Moss Street Paint In”, or “I volunteer for the Victoria Film Festival”, or “my daughter goes to dance classes at Dance Victoria”; or “my son made a film in school because of MediaNet.”, or attended a workshop put on by the Victoria Jazz Society, and so on.

ProArt asks each of you to contact your supporters, that live in Esquimalt, to urge Esquimalt City Councillors to continue to contribute to the CRD Arts Development Service.

Contact info:

to email them go to the Esquimalt Township website: To phone Township of Esquimalt City Councillors:
Barb Desjardins, Mayor, 250-414-7101
Meagan Brame, Councillor, 250-381-6848
Dave Hodgins, Councillor, 250-590-2815
Lynda Hundleby, Councillor, 250-383-3759
Robert McKie, Councillor, 250-385-0503
Tim Morrison, Councillor, 250-893-8188
David Schinbein, Councillor, 250-661-9472

Thank you!

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