ProArt will be hosting a public community ROUNDTABLE on Cultural policy on Wednesday, May 14, from 3 to 5 pm, in the Dance Victoria Studio upstairs, 2750 Quadra. The meeting will be leading up to the BC Creative Convergence Arts Summit 2014, to be held on June 20 in Vancouver, following up on last year’s Arts Summit. Organizers from the Arts Summit will be at the Victoria roundtable to do a presentation of the 2013 Summit, and the goals of a cultural policy. All those who are interested are welcome to attend on May 14, to share their views on what a BC Cultural Policy should look like and what it should address. The Roundtable in Victoria may be one of other regional Roundtables, with plans for meetings in Parksville and/or Kelowna before the June 20 Arts Summit. More info on the Arts Summit at

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