BC political party positions on arts funding

– BC NDP Party’s position on arts and cultural funding:

(Via Spencer Chandra Herbert, opposition arts minister, commenting on NDP platform released April 17): “I’m very happy to announce that a BCNDP government will increase investments in the BC Arts Council bringing its budget to $29 million by 2015/2016. This addition of $5 million dollars will mean greater access to the arts, more jobs in the creative economy, and it will help British Columbians tell our stories both at home and abroad. This investment will increase support for the BC Arts Council to the highest level in BC history.”


– BC Liberal party arts policy position:

(From page 32 of Liberal part platform document):

“Creative sector gets a boost

Today’s BC Liberals have been long-term supporters of the creative industries in our province. Look at our digital media – there are 600 businesses in BC involved in video games, film, animation and special effects. In January 2013, our government launched BC Creative
Futures, a three-part strategy to support sustainable, long-term success for the province’s creative sector. BC Creative Futures helps foster a creative workforce by providing more arts opportunities for young British Columbians, by building a comprehensive, sector-wide vision to support the development and growth of B.C.’s creative industries and by expanding capacity at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.  In Balanced Budget 2013 the government will invest $60 million for arts and culture in BC, $7 million higher than last year. This includes $24 million to the BC Arts Council which now has its highest funding levels ever from government.”
– Green Party of BC arts & culture policy (page 5 of Green Book 2013):
Arts and Culture

The Green Party of BC recognizes the important health and economic benefits of arts and culture to our society and minimal associated impacts on the environment. A vibrant arts and culture community in BC will give the province an edge over other places in attracting talents for our high-tech, biomedical, and renewable energy sectors as well as nurses, doctors, and other professionals. Greens believe that the arts and culture communities are a significant part of the BC economy.

Key Goal

Create vibrant and sustainable arts and culture communities throughout BC

BC Greens Will

  •   Restore arts and culture funding to 2008- 09 levels of $23.8 million
  •   Expand the BC Arts Council mandate to include liaising with the sponsorship world by connecting arts and culture programs with corporate benefactors, in a way that provides the excitement, profile, and accolades that a sponsor is looking for
  •   Establish funding objectives including measurable outcomes focusing on prudent fiscal practices as well as artistic output
  •   Provide multi-year funding to emerging and experimental arts and culture groups to incubate their programs, while also providing multi-year funding to established and traditional arts and culture groups as they transition to financial independence
  •   Provide funding to develop affordable rental facilities for local arts and culture development
  •   Maintain a stock of affordable housing in arts and culture hot spots in BC
  •   Sponsor annual international events and competitions hosted by the arts and culture community
  •   Enhance arts and culture community capacity for fashion and industrial design

 Encourage the formation of co-operatives within the community to reduce members’ operation costs and improve profits

 Strengthen school curriculum on arts and culture subjects to encourage young people to develop an interest in arts and culture and to take part in art activities as amateurs or as professionals

 Establish a Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage

 Cooperate with other levels of government to provide funding for an indigenous peoples arts and culture plan for BC


(There are no precise policy statement about art & culture in the BC Conservative Party policy document, but we will try to find a statement from recent speeches).

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