Increased arts funding for BC Arts Council

The B.C. government aims to increase arts funding, moving the BC Arts
Council’s annual funding from $16.8 million up to $24 million for fiscal year 2013-2014.

On Jan 31, at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Community, Sport and Cultural
Development Minister Bill Bennett announced “BC Creative Futures”, a
three-part strategy for the province’s creative sector.

Full info can be found on the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural
Development website:

Here is an excerpt from the government’s press release:

Part One: Arts Engagement for Creativity – BC Arts Council

By encouraging young British Columbians to think creatively through
greater engagement with the arts, BC Creative Futures will nurture
emerging creative leaders and help develop a future workforce of
collaborative, innovative thinkers. The BC Arts Council (BCAC), an
independent agency supporting artists and cultural organizations
throughout the province, and the Ministry of Community, Sport and
Cultural Development (MCSCD) will deliver a $6.25-million package of
new and expanded existing programs to support the strategy, including:

·         Creative Youth Initiatives – $2 million (BCAC)
·         After School Sport and Arts Initiative – $1 million (MCSCD)
·         Artists in Education Program – $1 million (BCAC)
·         Co-op Placement Program – $1 million (BCAC)
·         Scholarship Program – $750,000 (BCAC)
·         Artists in the Classroom Program – $500,000 (BCAC)

BCAC’s $5.25-million share of the funding, plus additional financing
from MCSCD, will increase council’s support from the B.C. government
from $16.8 million in 2012-13 to a record level of $24 million in

Part Two: Strategic Vision – Creative BC

Supported by the B.C. government, Creative BC will work with creative
industries in the province to develop and implement a broad strategy
capitalizing on the sector’s strengths and identifying new
opportunities for the future. Creative BC will work with film and TV,
digital media, music, publishing and other components of the creative
economy.  MCSCD will provide $1 million to Creative BC for research, development
and international marketing.

Part Three: Support for Expansion at Emily Carr University of Art + Design

The B.C. government’s recent announcement to help build a new visual,
media and design facility at Emily Carr University of Art + Design’s
Great Northern Way Campus also supports the BC Creative Futures
strategy for a strong creative economy in British Columbia.

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